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Dialight A/S is the market leader in supplying aviation obstructions lights and marine aids to navigation solutions for the wind industry.

We have established an industry-leading portfolio of state-of-the art lighting products in our more than a hundred years of company existence.

Our products are adapted to the respective onshore and offshore markets and have been installed in more than 50 countries across the globe by 2014.

All of our products use LEDs which are very energy efficient and free from mercury and lead. We are proud of that we through our products contribute to an environmentally sound electricity consumption globally.

Our goal is to offer the best and most reliable products on the market, that protect our customers’ investment against collisions with both air traffic and maritime navigation. In other terms, we want our products to offer a long-term maintenance free-operation, because we know this matters to our customers. In this way, we want to help to keep the overall costs of a wind energy project as low as possible and thus contributing to making wind energy a preferred investment for our customers.

Since all installations of wind turbines are unique due to differences in location, type and local regulations, Dialight always works in close co-operation with our customers to design each of our solutions exactly to the individual requirements and needs of their wind project.