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Our company was originally founded in 1889 by Mr Brøndberg og Mr Tandrup supplying light solutions to the marine industry for both ships and harbours. The company was called BT (Brøndberg Tandrup) and later BTI (Brøndberg Tandrup International).

BTI remained in the hands of both families for decades and was very successful until the end of 1990 when the ship industry in Denmark declined.

The former CEO Max Hansen pursued new opportunities for BTI. Since late 1990 his focus was to use BTI’s knowledge, competencies and experiences from the marine sector to the wind industry sector. He could see a growing demand for aviation obstruction lights due to the development of higher and higher towers for wind turbines. Soon after this decision, BTI became one of the leading suppliers of aviation obstruction lights to all major wind turbine manufacturers in Europe.

Shortly after, BTI also entered the evolving offshore wind market with its unique products for marine aids to navigation, again based on BTI’s experience with developing and producing lights for ships and harbours.

The offshore wind parks “Avedøre” and “Middelgrunden” were the first Danish projects to be installed with BTI’s components in 2000. “Burbo Bank” was the first British project and the test project “Alpha Ventus” our first offshore project in German waters in 2008.

In 2010, BTI became a subsidiary of Dialight PLC and named “Dialight BTI”. Dialight was our major supplier of LED beacons. The acquisition gave us many advantages with nearly 100% of our products are manufactured in-house.

In 2012, Jesper Engesgaard became new CEO of Dialight BTI. He continued our focus on the wind sector and the development of new and ever more efficient products for both on- and offshore.