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Since the 1990’s, we have supplied aviation obstruction lights to the wind industry. For more than 20 years, we have constantly improved and expanded our product portfolio.

All our products comply with international regulation (ICAO, FAA) and are adapted to the differing national standards.

Aviation obstruction lights are typically required for turbines which total height exceed 100 m, but the requirements differ from market to market and also from location to location within a country.

The purpose of aviation obstruction lights is to mark the turbine as an obstacle at day and at night to air traffic, both civil and military, both onshore and offshore. The lights are installed on the nacelle and sometimes additionally on the tower of the turbine.

Dialight was the first to invent and produce LED obstruction lights for low intensity, medium Intensity and high intensity applications for the wind industry. Our entire aviation and aids to navigations product portfolio for the wind sector uses LED lighting solutions today.

Our products have a build-in GPS for the synchronisation of the beacons. This means that the GPS unit is integrated into the beacon and is thus better protected against weather and hazardous environments like the North Sea. In the following, we present our products in detail.

The majority of our products is available als “cold climate version (CCV)”.

Permanent Aids to Navigation

Besides aviation obstruction lights, offshore wind turbines require additional marking due to their location at sea. They need to be marked as an obstacle to maritime traffic during construction and during their lifetime under operation.

The products required for the marking at sea are called “Aids to Navigation” (in short: AtoN).

Dialight A/S has delivered AtoN components to the offshore wind industry since 2000. Our first projects were Avedøre and Middelgrunden in Denmark followed by Burbo Banks in the UK.. Since then, we have gathered comprehensive experience with offshore projects’ aids to navigation systems, both on the engineering, installation and operational side. Our products comply with international IALA and the respective national regulation.

We are today, one of the market leaders in this field and have delivered our solutions to all important offshore markets and offshore customers. We offer single products and complete systems including aids to navigation components, control and monitoring systems.

Dialight A/S AtoN solution consists usually of a combination of the following components depending on national regulation:

  1. Marine lantern
  2. ID marking signs boards day/night
  3. ID floodlights for the proximity marking
  4. Helicopter corridor lights
  5. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  6. Automatic identification systems (AIS)
  7. Visibility meters
  8. Fog signals
  9. Monitoring and control systems for the above components using programmable logic controllers (PLC)

Dialight A/S provides custom lighting and control solutions for each market that meet or exceeds local requirements.   In the following, we give two examples of what is usually required in the UK and Germany as the two biggest European offshore markets. The examples show the requirements for turbines placed on the periphery of an offshore wind farm:

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Temporary Aids to Navigation

During construction when there is no electricity produced by the wind turbine itself for the AtoN components, the wind park needs to be marked with so-called “Temporary AtoN”. These consist of self-contained buoys that are placed on different locations at the periphery of the construction site (the so-called safety zone) and of solar-powered marine lanterns that are placed on the foundations under construction.

Dialight A/S offers our customers a complete temporary marking solution together with our partner Maritim Consult that has extensive experience from both the offshore sector and harbor infrastructure. We assist our customers with choosing the right solution for their project according to national legislation and individual preferences.

Instead of purchasing the temporary AtoN, we also offer a service of renting the buoys during the course of construction. Please contact our sales department for further information.

Dialight A/S has developed an outstanding intelligent surveillance unit, “BTI’s Light Surveillance System” that monitors the functioning of the different aviation obstruction lighting systems and AtoN components.

The system is currently installed at the UK offshore project “Westermost Rough”.

Fore more information, please contact our sales department.