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Dialight A/S is market leader in supplying aviation obstructions lights to both onshore and offshore wind projects and aids to navigation (AtoN) components to offshore wind projects.


Our customers for our aviation obstruction components are virtually all wind turbine manufacturers such as Alstom, Areva, GE, Gamesa, Nordex, Senvion, Siemens and Vestas and wind service companies working in the field of retrofitting. Our aviation products have been installed in more than 50 countries around the globe, see below map.

Below you will find two exampels of projects where we have supplied the aviation obstruction lights:

Italy (Onshore)

Location: Toscana Italy
Wind turbine: Vestas
Dialight component: BT2010 (predecessor of BT2100)

Belgium (Onshore)

Location: Perwez, Belgium
Wind turbine: Vestas
Dialight component: OL


Regarding our aids to navigation product portfolio, our customers are foundation manufacturers such as Bladt Industries and Smulders, EPCI contractors and energy utilities (depending on who is responsible for purchasing the AtoN components which differs from project to project).

We have supplied aviation obstruction lights and aids to navigation components to more than 40 offshore wind projects so far (status September 2014):


A = Supply of aviation obstruction lights
N = Supply of aids to navigation


  • Belwind (N)
  • Blighbank (N)
  • Nobelwind (N)
  • Northwind (N)
  • Rentel (N)


  • Rudong Jiangsu (N)


  • Anholt (A+N)
  • Avedøre (A)
  • Horns Rev 2 (N)
  • Middelgrunden (A)
  • Rødsand (A+N)
  • Sprogø (N)


  • Alpha Ventus (N)
  • Amrumbank West (A)
  • Baltic 1 + 2 (A)
  • Borkum Riffgatt (A)
  • Borkum Riffgrund 1 (A)
  • Dantysk (A)
  • Meerwind (A)


  • Arklow Banks (A+N)


  • Luchterduinen (A+N)
  • Princess Amalia (A+N)
  • OWEZ (A+N)


  • Lillgrund (A+N)
  • Kårehamn (N)
  • Vänern (N)


  • Formosa 1 (A)


  • Barrow (N)
  • Blyth (N)
  • Burbo Bank (A+N)
  • Galloper (A+N)
  • Greater Gabbard (A+N)
  • Gunfleet Sands (A+N)
  • Gunfleet Sands 3 (A+N)
  • Hornsea 1 (A+N)
  • Humber Gateway (N)
  • Inner Dowsing (A+N)
  • Kentish Flats (N)
  • Lincs (A+N)
  • Lynn (A+N)
  • London Array (A+N)
  • Race Bank (A+N)
  • Rampion (N)
  • Rhyl Flats (A+N)
  • Robin Rigg (N)
  • Sheringham Shoul (A+N)
  • Teesside (A+N)
  • Thanet (N)
  • Walney I + II + IV (A+N)
  • Westermost Rough (A+N)
  • West of Duddon Sands (A+N)


  • Block Island (A)