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We do not only sell products. It is important to us that we offer our customers a complete service package, starting from involving the customer in the developing process of a new product, to consulting about regulatory requirements and choosing the right products.

Our Services

Customer involvement

Involving the customer in the development process of a new product.

Product customization

Customising products based on specific demands.


We offer mechanical and electrical engineering to our customers.


We constantly monitor regulatory developments for always being up-to date on national and international requirements and can thus consult our customers on the right solution.

Marking concepts

We develop marking and light concepts that need to be submitted to the national authorities in order to receive a building permit both on- and offshore.

Governmental assistance

We have contacts to the relevant national authorities and can assist our customers in receiving information or handling problems if such occur during developing, construction or operation phase.

Installation and commissioning

We cooperate with partner firms for the installation and commissioning of our equipment – both on- and offshore.

Service and repair

We offer in-house and on-site service and repair upon request.

Environmental testing

We offer environmental testing upon request e.g. in cold climate regions.

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